Seed Grading and Treatment

The largest, best seeds are those that are protected from weather and insects - emerging large, plump and vigorous. Seed grading is an essential tool to optimise your harvest. Not only do high quality seeds improve your yield, they will also save you both time and money. The benefits of seed grading are numerous, including:

  • Removal of low levels of barley in wheat and wild oats in wheat and barley
  • Removal of weed seeds - including those which are resistant to herbicide
  • Removal of dust and light
  • Removal of tails, awns, animal material, pods, straw, sticks, stones or metal
  • Removal of small, cracked or underdeveloped grain
  • Reduce blockages in your sowing equipment
  • Increased test weight of grain
  • Providing accurate seed treatment application for smut, bunt, rust, insects, trace elements, pythium, rhizoctonia
  • Reclaiming your valuable time - reducing the time and money you spend spraying your paddocks

Not only does seed grading offer all these benefits to your crops, but Baker Grain Services can bring the treatment to you - making the process as easy and stress free as possible as can be. Our full treatment and grading services are only a phone call away.

We will supply and apply seed treatments as per you and your agronomist’s specifications. Our accurate application of seed treatments is an investment in your future harvests.

As experts in our industry, we constantly keep up to date with seasonal and grade changes, certifications and screening, ensuring your harvest reaps all the benefits of optimally cleaned grain.

Seed Cleaning

Grain which has been harvested or stored may not meet optimum grade or market requirements. Our expert grain and seed cleaning services can be customised to meet optimal market specifications, achieving a greater return for your investment.

The Benefits of Seed Cleaning

At Baker Grain Services, we work with the industry, closely monitoring delivery standards and seasonal changes that can impact seed grade. Combining our certified equipment and expertise, we will ensure your grain meets your targets, each and every time.

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